DJ Marcelo

Marcelo Giuras A.K.A DJ Marcelo came to the United States in November of 2000 seeking a better future, without forgetting his roots in Chile, He has constantly enjoyed the Sound of music and microphones, and it has been his passion. He has been part of music events both in Chile and in the states. The greatest thing in Chile was one of the year-end business party for Luchetti, one of the largest companies in the area of pasta (spaghettis).

He Also played in friends, children parties and more, here in the United States continued with his hobby on different events, he also participated in a talent show contest for one of the most famous radio station El Zol 95 in Miami, FL ending in third place , some of celebrities judges who voted in his favor in the contest was Pitbull and Julio Voltio … now trying to follow his dream and love for music, he has become part an Internet radio station named iRitmo Radio with his old time friend the famous DJ MO